2017 Gardens of Remembrance Program

Completed submissions must be received by 5pm, November 30, 2017.

Communities in Bloom is pleased to announce the 2017 edition of the Gardens of Remembrance. The program aims, in the spirit of commemoration, to engage communities throughout Canada to honour Veterans by means of remembrance gardens along with local activities.  The gardens will involve the entire community to ensure that their meaning is known by all, particularly including activities with our youth.

The Gardens of Remembrance Program goal and objectives are to showcase our gratitude to Veterans—those men and women who served their country in times of war, military conflict and peace, and those who have lost their lives during war and other military engagements—and to recognize the sacrifices made by their families.

The program will consist of evaluating existing memorial gardens to showcase them and promoting the creation of new memorial gardens to encourage communities throughout Canada to participate in the Gardens of Remembrance program.

Scotts Canada will be offering a $1,500 contribution to the Best Garden submission and a $500 contribution to two other submissions.

Three Home Hardware gift certificates ($100 each) will also be drawn amongst all applications.

The Remembrance Gardens will be featured in the 2018 Spring edition of the Communities in Bloom Magazine.

Who can enter? 

  • Gardens of Remembrance Program is open to all communities throughout Canada
  • Submissions will be showcased as examples for communities to establish new gardens

Entry Requirements

Applications must be submitted, online, along with support material which may include:

  • Photos, video clips (ideally during the season and Remembrance Day)
  • Newspaper clippings [photo and print which include the source, date and page];
  • Newsletters or other community communication documents;
  • Copies of information and promotional material;

Emailed or Faxed entries are not permitted.

Completed submissions must be received by 5pm, November 30, 2017.