CIB Board Members

Martin Quinn (CHAIR), Bob Allen, Sandy Cairns, Ken Hunter, Ray Hurd, Catherine Minielly, Leo Ostner, Gerald Reycraft, Monica Robertson, Paul Ronan

CIB 2019 Judges

Sandy Cairns, Grace Dekker, Doreen Hill, Leo Ostner, Kathy Smyth, Chris Ziemski, Mona Boyd, RonDubyk, Joyce Nieuwkoop, Everett Nieuwkoop, Liz Klose, Catherine Minielly, Betty Lamont, Jane May, Brad Beatty, Barb Allen

The Communities in Bloom Ontario program would not be possible without the fine group of volunteer judges that work very hard touring the province. There are many experienced judges this year, as well as a few new comers. We would like to thank them for their time, effort, and dedication to the program.